Position: No 30
Name of wine estate: Schloss Gobelsburg
Country: Austria
Wine region: Kamptal
Standout points: 850 years of winemaking history, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner from the best ‘Erste Lage’ sites 
Winemaker: Michael Moosbrugger
Wine style: Elegant Lower Danube whites 
Website: https://www.gobelsburg.at/

The river knows
Austria’s Lower Danube is a region positively humming with wine history, from its ancient vineyard sites to its atmospheric cellars, imbued with the spirit of centuries of hallowed winemaking tradition, to the Baroque majesty of its prestigious estates. Schloss Gobelsburg in Kamptal – a serial winner of international ‘winery of the year’ awards – is a prime example of this heritage. The oldest winery in the Kamptal appellation with a documented history traced back to 1171, Schloss Gobelsburg owes its reputation to Cistercian monks whose devotion was embodied by the credo: ‘Qui bon vin boit dieu voit’ – ‘Whosoever drinks well sees God’.

The monks’ successors
In 1996, the estate moved out of monastery hands and is now managed by Michael and Eva Moosbrugger, whose stated aim is “to preserve, develop and bring the cultural heritage of Schloss Gobelsburg to a new generation”. Michael ‘Micky’ Moosbrugger is also the president of Traditionsweingüter Österreichs – Austria’s organisation of premium wine estates – tasked with overseeing the establishment of Austria’s erste and grosse lage (premier and grand cru) vineyard classification system.

Ah, those majestic Danube whites
Quite apart from soaking up 850 years of winemaking history, Schloss Gobelsburg will also give you the opportunity to taste some of the finest Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners in Austria. Explore geological differences between individual vineyards – the stony terraces of Heiligenstein (first mentioned in the Zwettl abbey register of 1280) and Gaisberg for Riesling; the more loess-concentrated sites of Steinsetz, Renner, Grub and Lamm for Grüner Veltliner – or sample estate specialities such as the Brut Reserve sparkling, Pinot Noir and St Laurent reds, as well as some haunting noble sweet wines.

Liquid history
In honour of the estate’s winemaking heritage, Schloss Gobelsburg also produces a ‘Tradition’ range of wines made using the traditional methods of the 19th century – a genuine taste of history. Don’t miss the chance to take a guided tour of the ancient cellars. Look out, too, for classical music concerts and theatre performances in the splendid setting of the castle, or enjoy a picnic in the charming grounds with a view of the Heiligenstein and Lamm vineyards in front of you.



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