Viña Errázuriz


Francisco Baettig

Wine Style

Multi-region with a focus in Aconcagua on Bordeaux-style blends

Hailing the Cab

The Aconcagua sub-region of Panquehue, about 90km north of Santiago, is regarded by many as the perfect terroir for Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère. Conveniently, Viña Errázuriz’s super-modern Samuel Claro-designed winery and vineyards lie right in the heart of this sun-blessed region. The estate’s talented winemaker, Francisco Baettig, translates this terroir into some of the finest Bordeaux-style blends in South America, including their celebrated Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve, making this a destination with all the elements of a red wine lover’s paradise.

Bond villain HQ?

Built in 2010 and dedicated to the production of Viña Errázuriz’s top wines, the Bond villain HQ-style new winery complex stands beside the historic cellar built by Don Maximiano Errázuriz in 1870. The juxtaposition of the two is a marvel to behold: on the one hand, the age-softened charms of the old bricks-and-mortar cellar – which today houses an historic collection of Viña Errázuriz icon wines – on the other, a monument to swish modernity, conceived as a ship sailing through a sea of vines, combining the latest winery technology and geothermal and solar energy use.

Take it to the max

While Viña Errázuriz produces some iconic wines across various Chilean regions – including the Mondavi collaboration Seña and Kai Carmenère from Aconcagua, and Viñedo Chadwick from Maipo –its magnum opus is without doubt the rich and brooding Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve. Wine lovers wishing to taste this ultimate Chilean red can partake of the Don Maximiano Icon Visit, which includes a tour of the Errázuriz underground cellars and vineyards, a visit to the stunning new winery and a tasting of three wines: one Max Reserva, one Aconcagua Costa and Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve.