Château Heritage

Château Heritage


Dargham Touma

Wine Style

Warm-climate whites, reds and rosés made with French varieties

Justified and ancient

The Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon may not be the first place one thinks of as a wine destination, but this fertile region some 30km east of Beirut happens to boast a 6,000-year-old winegrowing heritage. It’s also the site of a UNESCO-recognised Roman temple complex (including one to Bacchus, of course) and offers wine experiences with a sense of discovery that few regions can match.

That’s the spirit

Born of the Touma family’s success in arak production – arak being the anise spirit which is Lebanon’s national drink – Chateau Heritage provides one of the most homely, fun and generous wine tour offers in the Middle East. A typical visit may include a tour of both the old and the recently renovated cellars, a walk through the winemaking process, and an indulgent sampling of the 11 French-inspired wines in the Heritage portfolio.

Take a hike

The Heritage winery is located in the village of Kab-Elias, the environs of which provide a wealth of hiking opportunities and valuable historical monuments to explore – not least the UNESCO-recognised ancient ruins of Baalbek, known by the area’s ancient Roman occupiers as Heliopolis, in which the stunning edifice of Temple of Bacchus can be found.

Make yourself at home

Back at the winery, the Touma family offers the sort of warm, unpretentious hospitality that brings their customers back again and again. The on-site restaurant serves traditional, rural Lebanese foods ‘like grandmother used to make’, while a 12-room bed and breakfast is conveniently located within walking distance of the main winery, making Château Heritage the perfect base from which to discover the Bekaa Valley’s history-steeped pastoral landscape.