Position: No 24
Name of wine estate: Vivanco. Bodega, Fundación, Experiencias
Country: Spain
Wine region: Rioja
Standout points: Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture – awarded the UN World Tourism Organization Award for Innovation
Winemaker: Rafael Vivanco Sáenz
Wine style: Modern-style, fruit-forward Riojas
Website: https://vivancoculturadevino.es/en/

When in Rioja…
Any wine lover travelling Rioja and failing to visit the 4,000sq ft Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture would really be missing an open goal. This stunningly comprehensive institution, located just outside the town of Briones and attached to the adjoining Dinastia Vivanco estate, was established by the Vivanco family to “give back to wine what wine has given us”.

Royal approval
The multi award-winning museum complete with 5,000 volume book archive, priceless works of art, interactive displays, a ‘Garden of Bacchus’ vine cultivar library and, inter alia, a phenomenal collection of corkscrews, was inaugurated in 2004 by King Juan Carlos I. It has since been visited by well over one million people and is the most-visited attraction in Rioja. The Vivanco Foundation’s 4,000-piece private art collection boasts artefacts from ancient civilizations up to modern day artworks by the likes of Picasso and Miro – all designed to illustrate the happy 8,000-year marriage between wine and humankind.

Are you wine experienced?
It could easily take you a whole day or more to see everything the Vivanco museum has to offer – perhaps more if you’re visiting the winery, or if you include sampling the stellar Riojan cuisine at Restaurant Vivanco (chefs Jon Zubeldia and Maribel Frades come from the three-Michelin-starred El Bulli and Arzak, respectively). A sensible option, therefore, is the Vivanco Experience. Priced at €43, this option invites visitors to maximise the highlights of the winery, museum and restaurant in a condensed two to four-hour window.

Hungry for more?
For those who would prefer the unabridged Vivanco experience, for €93 the Vivanco Experience Tour and Seasonal Pairing Menu offers the above Vivanco Experience along with a food and wine pairing meal at Restaurant Vivanco, where you can indulge in innovative Riojan dishes while taking in an unparalleled view of the vineyards and mountains.



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