Continent Winner - The Best Vineyard in North America 2021

Continent Winner - The Best Vineyard in North America 2021

North America consumes by far the most wine in the world, and the vast majority of both consumption and production is concentrated in California. Fitting, then, that our continent winner comes from the state’s most famous winemaking region, Napa Valley, where oenotourism has long been perfected.

Established in 1966, the Robert Mondavi Winery spearheaded Napa’s emergence as a source of top quality wines from its celebrated To Kalon vineyard, first planted in the nineteenth century. In addition to the now signature Cabernet Sauvignon, its eponymous founder also produced a new style of Californian Sauvignon Blanc inspired by the grape’s Loire origins; named Fumé Blanc after the smoky aromas imparted by barrel aging, the genre is globally recognized to this day.

A stalwart of our list, the estate is a mecca for wine-loving travellers who get to bask in both the heritage and ethos of its late creator, an advocate for the union of wine, food and art. Visits are thus gastronomic, bucket list affairs.

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