Château Mukhrani

Mukhrani, Georgia


Patrick Honnef

Wine Style

Dry and sweet red and white wines

Beginning life as a royal estate in the 16th century, Château Mukhrani has always been renowned for its splendid parks and gardens. Producing wines since 1876, it is now one of the oldest wine estates in Georgia, the world's most ancient wine-producing country.

The estate is located between the Caucasus and Trialeti Mountains, just 35km from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. This region of the South Caucasus is the cradle of wine. It is here that archaeologists have discovered the oldest evidence of wine production in human history – over 8,000 years ago. The first mention of Château Mukhrani dates back to 1512 when it was the principal palace of the royal family. The first vines at the estate were planted in 1876 when Ivan Mukhranbatoni returned from a trip to France inspired by the viticultural practices he had found in Bordeaux and Champagne. The estate was eventually abandoned during the Soviet Era and remained so until 2003 when it was resurrected, with vines now covering 100 hectares around the winery. Today the estate combines ancient Georgian winemaking traditions – such as wines made in Qvevri – with the best of modern techniques in a state-of-the-art new winery built in 2007. Although the estate grows some international grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, most of its vineyards are planted with indigenous Georgian grapes such as Saperavi and Alexandrouli for red wines and Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane for the whites. These are all varieties which thrive in the region's alluvial soils and enjoy its long, warm summers.

Château Mukhrani boasts one of the oldest wine lineages in Georgia today, and it is the only estate in the country to combine history with a proprietary vineyard, winery and château. As well as its splendid castle, the estate has always been renowned for its parks and gardens. Mukhrani means 'adorned with oak trees' in Georgian and the setting lives up to its name. The incredible 19th-century castle, cellars, gardens and vineyards are open to the public and easily accessible from the capital. This majestic property with its pristine surroundings and incredible heritage is an absolute must-visit destination for any wine lover visiting Georgia.