Viña Errázuriz

Aconcagua Valley, Chile

Wine Style

Red and white wine

Founded in 1870, Viña Errazuíz has dedicated itself to excellence and innovation. With its commitment to terroirs and sustainability, its wines are among the most admired in South America. This family estate has become a benchmark for Chilean fine wine and has worked hard to promote the country's image for quality winemaking. Through 150 years and six generations, Viña Errazuriz has proved a tireless pioneer and has been recognised the world over for its achievements.

The history of the estate begins with Don Maximiano Errázuriz who commissioned the planting of the first vineyards in the Aconcagua Valley – at a time when few considered it a good place for wine. Don Maimiano's son, Rafael, took over the running of the winery and increased it to 1,300 hectares, at the time the largest vineyard in the world in the hands of a single owner. In 1909, Rafael's daughter Leonor married a winemaker in the prestigious Maipo Valley called Alejandro Chadwick. It was a match that would tie the two families together and lead to ever-greater achievements. In 1983, Eduardo Chadwick returned from studying oenology in Bordeaux under the famed professor Emilie Peynaud. Full of the pioneering spirit, Eduardo authorised the planting of Syrah in Aconcagua, recognising it would suit the Mediterranean climate. In 2004, the wines of Viña Errazuriz rocked the wine world at a tasting in Berlin. Tasted blind alongside the Grands Crus of Bordeaux and Super Tuscans of Italy, the Don Maximiano label was ranked in the top 10. It was a result no one saw coming but it proved an important milestone in proving Chile's status as a producer of fine wines. Viña Errazuriz's strength lies in its terroir. Its eight vineyard blocks stretch from the Pacific Coast up the Aconcagua Valley to the foothills of the Andes. This mixture of different soils, exposure and altitude, moderated by a temperate climate is a viticultural paradise, that allows for the growing of many different grape varieties and the production of high-quality wines. The winery's most prestigious label is the Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve, which reflects Viña Errazuriz's legacy, the beauty of its terroirs and its quest to produce only the very finest wines.

There are several experiences on offer for the discerning visitor at Viña Errazuriz. The three visits to choose from offer increasingly in-depth explorations of the history of Viña Errazuriz, the impact of the terroirs of the Aconcagua Valley and the viticulture and winemaking practised at the estate. But each offers guests an incredible chance to visit one of Chile's stunning wine valleys and drink in the incredible surroundings alongside a selection of Viña Errazuriz wines.