How do we create the World’s Best Vineyards list?

We have an Academy comprising more than 500 leading wine experts, sommeliers and travel correspondents from across the globe. Each has been selected for their expert opinion of the international wine and tourism scene.

To ensure the Academy is representative, we divide the world into geographical regions. Each region has an acknowledged expert as its Academy Chair. Each Academy Chair is responsible for recruiting 36 wine and travel experts. They vote for 7 vineyards in preferential order and at least 4 of these must be from outside their voting region.

There is no pre-determined checklist of criteria – each vote is a nomination for a vineyard experience that they deem to be the best in the world. The experience will take in all things connected with the visit – the tour, tasting, ambiance, wine, food, staff, view, value for money, reputation, accessibility. It’s everything that makes a vineyard visit a valuable and rewarding experience for visitors, and makes guests want to return or recommend a visit to their friends.

Click here to watch the first online unveiling of the World’s Best Vineyards Top 50 list.

The World’s Best Vineyards list and announcement event are organised and compiled by William Reed Business Media and 2020 Host Partner – Sonoma County Winegrowers. None of the employees of the organiser, or the Host Partner, are part of the voting Academy.


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Voting Rules

  • With the exception of Academy Chairs, Academy members should remain anonymous with regard to being a part of the World’s Best Vineyard Voting Academy
  • Academy members must not discuss their voting selections with other members or Academy Chairs
  • Academy members must have visited the vineyards they vote for since 1 January 2017 – and are asked to confirm this when voting
  • Academy members must submit 7 nominations and at least 4 of these must be for vineyards outside of their voting region
  • Academy members must submit their 7 nominations in order of preference
  • Academy members must vote for the vineyard experience, not the winemaker
  • Academy members can only vote for vineyards open to the public
  • Academy members are not permitted to vote for any vineyard they work for or have financial interest in – and are asked to confirm this fact when voting
  • Academy members cannot vote for a vineyard that is closed or will close within 3 months of the lists being published in July 2020
  • Academy members cannot vote for a vineyard based on a tasting experience that does not take place at the vineyard itself; for example, when a vineyard is exhibiting at an event
  • Academy members are selected one year at a time, with a minimum 25% rotation every year. Any voter that does not comply with the voting rules, or does not complete the voting process, is removed from the panel


If you would like to apply to become a voter please email the World’s Best Vineyards team at stating which region you would like to become a voter for. Further information will then be requested from you via email before confirming your application.  

Meet our 2020 Academy Chairs…