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Wine Style

Focus on Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, combining French finesse and Californian concentration

One vineyard, one vision

Picking his first harvest in 1966, Robert Mondavi chose the historic To Kalon vineyard in Oakville from which to realise his then-outlandish vision – of creating Californian wines that would match the finest in France. First planted in 1868, To Kalon has long been renowned for producing some of the world’s finest Cabernet, while its Sauvignon Blanc (which goes into Mondavi’s signature Blanc Fumé) is believed to be the oldest in the Americas. After more than 50 years of refinement and innovation, Robert Mondavi Winery is now firmly established as one of the quality-leading wineries in the world – and an unmissable destination for wine lovers wishing to explore the epicurean pleasures of Napa.

In pursuit of the good life

Robert Mondavi always conceived of Napa as a place where one could enjoy the good life – where fine wine, food and art could come together in a life-enhancing trinity. Guests visiting the winery can experience this philosophy first-hand, whether by viewing its permanent collection of Napa Valley artwork (including artists from Beniamino Bufano to Pablo Picasso) and totemic sculptures, attending its many celebrated music festivals (the Margrit Mondavi Winery Annual Summer Concert Series sells out weeks in advance), or indulging in its various tastings, tours and restaurant offerings.

The ultimate Mondavi experience

Tasting and events at Robert Mondavi Winery range from casual to exclusive. A perfect experience for first-time visitors is the Signature Tour and Tasting, which offers an in-depth winery tour, with a guided walk through the vineyards and cellars followed by a sit-down guided tasting. For ultimate Robert Mondavi experience, however, the Four Decades Dinner (6-12 guests) will open the door to the winery’s treasured library of older vintages, allowing you to taste wines from each of the last four decades, followed by four-course wine pairing dinner in the elegant Vineyard Room.