Bodega Bouza

Montevideo, Uruguay

Wine Style

Red and white wine

A short journey from the centre of Montevideo and cooled by the nearby Rio de la Plata, Bodega Bouza sits among the tranquil landscape of Melilla. In a little over 20 years, this family-run winery has become one of Uruguay's most critically acclaimed producers. Offering tours, tastings and two restaurants for visitors to explore, Bodega Bouza is a shining example of Uruguay's exciting wine scene.

The winery and vineyard around which the current estate is based was first founded in 1942. In 2000, Juan and Elisa Bouza took over the property and began transforming it. Inspired by the countryside and all of its produce, their goal was to work on a human scale to achieve the best possible results. Today, the winery sources its grapes from five distinct vineyard sites. Each is marked by different soils and their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The overall climate is similar to Bordeaux, with four distinct seasons, leading to wines and vintages with strong personalities. This diverse patchwork of terroirs also allows the winery to plant a wide variety of different grapes. As such, Bodega Bouza can offer a whole range of wines from light-bodied reds such as Pinot Noir, crisp and refreshing whites like Chardonnay and Albariño, to full-bodied, powerful reds such as Uraguay's flagship grape, Tannat. The winery is strongly committed to sustainability, managing the vineyards with as few chemicals as possible. Instead, the vineyard teams thin the foliage where necessary to reduce the risk of disease, and by encouraging biodiversity natural predators take care of pests. Cover vegetation between the rows is spontaneous which has allowed a resurgence of the plants native to the Uruguayan prairie. Meanwhile, each vineyard block is surrounded by forests and meadows. The harvest is done manually and, to ensure the best final results, each half-hectare plot is picked and vinified individually in a series of micro-cuvées before a final blend is made.

Just 15 minutes from the centre of Montevideo, Bodega Bouza offers visitors the perfect day trip experience. Tours and tastings take place every day, and guests can enjoy regional dishes in the restaurant which also houses a collection of classic cars. Those able to make a longer excursion are welcome to visit the vineyard restaurant at Las Espinas, which offers both a beautifully paired menu and 360° views of the local countryside. The winery also runs a wine and tapas restaurant in the bustling seaside resort of Punta del Este and a boutique at Sofitel Montevideo.